Movieverse History

Still working on a name for this game/group. It will not be Avengers because that initiative is already under scrutiny.

It’s been roughly two months since the Chitauri invaded. Congress is running scared. S.H.I.E.L.D. is undergoing intensive management restructuring, and Fury is becoming the entire face of SHIELD’s oversight slowly.

The People are deeply divided by the issues, and superheroes are a hot-button issue. Some of you are hitting that hot-button a lot by being in the public eye. Some of you are not. Fury is trying to wrangle all of this, but he’s got his work cut out for him. Captain America is trying to put a positive spin on it before it’s too late, and Tony Stark has momentarily given up the name ‘Iron Man’, and hasn’t been seen in the suit since the incident at the docks.

You have all had your ‘origin’ movies, in essence. You all know your powers, and those of you in New York showed them off a little during the Invasion.

What you need to know has happened:

  • Iron Man I, II, III, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Avengers are real and happened in order and in the spacing shown in the films.
  • Ghost Rider I – Two years ago – Happened – but imagine if it had had a real writer and director. The essence of the plot remained.
  • X-Men First Class – In the Sixties – Happened with alterations to the bad mutants. Sebastian’s minions were essentially totally different except for Azazel — also, Sebastian survived the end. Azazel teleported him out as soon as Magneto got distracted by Charles, and Azazel quickly multi-teleported Shaw to a Mutant healer in Africa they knew. Azazel nearly died from the chain teleports, but the healer was able to slowly repair Shaw.
  • X-Men 1 and 2 – Three Years ago and Two Years Ago Respectively – Happened essentially un-altered. Jean Grey is dead.
  • X-men III – Ten Months AgoJEAN GREY IS DEAD. No Phoenix Plotline ever occurred!!! Cyclops is alive, getting over it slowly, and dating some recent teaching adjunct named Emma Frost, because I effing say so. Professor Xavier is alive. HOWEVER — The Cure for Mutation was announced just as in this movie, and became a hot-button controversy for two months. Then, Magneto did attack Alcatraz to destroy the cure (with a different cadre of mutants, except Pyro, who rocked). The humans and the Mutants did fight back, and Magneto, Pyro, and Toad are ‘de-powered’ (heh. heh. heh. Suuuuuure.) The Cure is no longer publicly available, as the source (Leech) is gone. Publically, he is presumed dead by Juggernaut.
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Roughly 35 years ago – Everything happened until the Wolverine arrives at Three Mile Island to fight Stryker. There was no “Dead-Pool Project”. This actually took place in an abandoned Factory on one of the NYC Islands. Wolverine found out that Stryker was trying to use his DNA to further enhance soldiers to be better at fighting but controllable, and also found out Kayla betrayed him. Wolverine attempted to kill Stryker, got into a tussle with Sabertooth, and Stryker fled with Kayla, pressing the button to blow the Factory entirely. The explosion actually centered very near Logan, nearly killing him, and totally wiping his memory. Sabertooth was blown out, clear into the Atlantic. While Wolverine was down, Stryker walked up and tried to kill Wolverine. Kayla attempted to fight him, was shot, but managed to grab his ankle and mind-boogedy Stryker into walking until his feet bled. He was eventually stopped by the police.
  • DareDevil – Roughly four years ago. – Happened.
  • Elektra – Roughly two years ago. – Happened with a much better budget, and a better thought-out plot. Details are unimportant on this one.
  • The Punisher exists as he does in the comics, but he’s an Urban Myth (much like DareDevil actually). The movies did not happen. He will be played by Thomas Jane but he will be acting much more like the comics.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) – Six Months Ago – Happened. Spidey actually helped save humans from the aliens, as did DareDevil and others.
  • Blade I, II, and the Series – Six Years Ago, Three Years Ago, and One Year Ago respectively – basically happened as scripted. I might make mild changes to give the Vampires a mixed mystical/scientific origin, but I’m not sure I will since even Thor was pretty scientific.
  • Blade III – Future – The cast exists, though played by different actors (to help explain the Wade Wilson Issue) – but none of those events have yet occurred. It’s a ways off.

Last but not least —

  • The Future Foundation – exists as it does in the comics. For those of you not in the know, this is the Fantastic Four, done better. For actors: Doom, Reed, and Ben are played by their movie actors and I’m working on Sue and Johnny actors. This is the most complex story to tell because it involves the most moving parts:

* Victor Grabicek, who was a futurist and believed he saw the future of mankind in space, came out of nowhere in 1995 and suddenly seemed to be the star of M.I.T., along with his classmate Reed Richards. He became a well-known intellectual rival of Tony Stark, Norman Osborne, and Erica (Russ’s Character).
* The Future Foundation was founded in 1999 originally by Reed and Victor, still best friends at the time.
* The FF originally got famous for its five most important people: Reed the Futurist – most notable for his ideas in both free energy and Astronautics, Victor Grabicek the all-around Applications and Implementations man. Sue for her excellent knowledge of Advanced Field Theory and its Interactions with Biology. Her brother Johnny the aeronautics test pilot, and their old friend Ben the Astronautics test pilot. They continue to rival their old nemeses Stark, Osborne, and Erica in all the current trade magazines and Science periodicals.
* Reed eventually became known as a pure-idea man, almost like an eternal-TED-Talks kind of guy – he’s been recognized with the Nobel prize for some of his ideas, but he has never really implemented any per se. Sue sometimes performs applied sciences when the Foundation needs more money, she’s much more grounded in practical science. Reed’s such a genius he can see the math in his head, put it into his holographic interface, and sells the ideas to a company and has a 100% guarantee that it will work, and that earns them over-the-top contracts. He’s quite wealthy now. The few prototypes he does have the patience for, Sue helps him build, and he’s rumored to have a doozy in the works now, but he’s off-world (more on this later).
* Around 2007, Victor and Reed began work on the world’s first gravitic space station and the eventual split began to form. Victor said Reed was too damn theoretical, and that Sue couldn’t keep a handle on him, as often as he could to the Press. Reed, considered an eccentric who barely spoke to the Press but through his Lectures or his wife Sue, was actually correcting Victor’s math and flaws constantly, proving him wrong, trying to keep his projects afloat since college. Victor’s professional and personal jealousies were beginning to take over.
* By 2009, Victor began trying to take the Foundation more towards practical science, and the split became complete when Grabicek used his family fortune created a new company simply named V. Grabicek’s “V” took over the entire Space Station project, and Richards simply dissociated the Future Foundation from it entirely.
* During this tumultous time, it was often reported that Sue was losing patience with Reed and was dating Victor. No official comments have ever been made, and Sue has never moved out of the Baxter Building.
* Since the departure of all the Applied Sciences in Grabicek’s half of the Foundation, the FF is near bankruptcy despite all the money Reed is bringing in. The Press does not understand this trend, since their ideas and stocks are still trading high, but somehow the money at the FF is always seeming to vanish somewhere into a black hole.
* Grabicek’s dislike of Reed is becoming more public, and the rumors have gotten even wilder in the past few months since Sue began going to events with him and generally never appearing with Reed. Gossip columns are into overdrive.
* ORIGIN STORY – Three Weeks Ago!! – Recently, during a ‘Friendly Visit’ to the Space Station at the invitation of Grabicek, where it is rumored he asked Sue Storm to marry him, the well-known Wormhole to Chitauri space ripped apart directly above New York. A blast of some kind of Cosmic Energy occurred surrounding the tear in space, and that is still under investigation. The Space Station is intact, and the Future Foundation’s press representatives have assured everyone that as soon as it’s safe to land, they will do so, and the public will see Reed, Sue, Johnny, Ben, and Grabicek in perfect health. That has not happened yet……

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